Wealth Whisperers!

(God's Agenda of Wealth For All Nations!)

Welcome to Wealth Whisperers, your spiritual haven, where we dive deep into the scriptures to unearth the wisdom of wealth and economic empowerment, and embrace the teachings, revelations, and financial blessings that have been whispered through the ages and resonate in every word of the scriptures.

Echoes of the Soul: Unearthing the Financial Desires Within...

📍Feeling Lost in the Financial Wilderness?
Navigating the complexities of modern wealth can be confusing and overwhelming. The scriptures offer timeless wisdom, but how do you apply it to today’s world?

📍 The Wealth Treadmill
Working hard but feeling like you’re running in place? Wealth isn’t just about earning more; it’s about understanding and aligning with principles that lead to true prosperity.

📍 Broken Bonds over Money
Have financial disagreements strained your relationships? Discover the scripture’s guidance on unity, communication, and wealth management in personal relationships.

Our Mission: Building Financial Giants for the Kingdom By Leveraging Kingdom Wealth Principles.

Rise with us, embrace the mission, and let's co-create a world where every believer is a beacon of prosperity, not just for oneself, but for the kingdom at large


Why Join Us?

Meet The Convener, Sola Adesakin.

A passionate believer in the transformative power of the scriptures, Sola Adesakin has dedicated her life to exploring and sharing the wealth wisdom contained in the scriptures. Through Smart Stewards, she has taught conventional wisdom for building wealth, but through the Wealth Whisperers, she has become a beacon for countless individuals seeking to merge their financial journey with spiritual enlightenment. Sola’s vision is to see lives enriched, not just with monetary gains, but with the profound wealth that the scriptures promise to those who seek diligently.

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Where Scriptures Meets Financial Stewardship...

If You Are...

📍 The Myth of Instant Riches
Tired of get-rich-quick schemes and fleeting financial fads? Discover lasting principles of wealth rooted in scriptures that have stood the test of time.

📍Wealth Without Peace
Earning well but still restless inside? Utilize the scriptures as a guide to find the right balance between material wealth and inner peace.

📍 Aspiring Kingdom Financial Giant, Yet Feeling Lost?
When you have a higher calling to become a kingdom financial giant, navigating the complexities of modern wealth can be especially difficult.

📍 Craving a Like-Minded Community?
Feeling isolated in your spiritual-financial journey? Connect with a supportive community that understands your aspirations and challenges.

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