Sola Adesakin's Mastermind (SAM) Group

(9 Months Program)

Yearly Group Coaching For A Selected Few Of 30…

Do you want to have an early head start in the year, work with a dynamic coach within a group setting, set your money goals, and cruise through the year on a great financial note?

Sola Adesakin has coached a select few within her mastermind group and has helped thousands of people jumpstart their journey to financial freedom through smart stewardship.

If you need help reaching your financial goals all year, you should join Sola Adesakin’s Mastermind Group.

First of All,

You will have FULL ACCESS to Smart Steward’s Academy and its carefully curated collection of courses and tried-and-true methodologies that will lead you down a path of financial literacy and opportunities capable of enhancing your financial well-being and prosperity.

Do you want to be one of the people who masterfully manage and multiply money this year?

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The Mastermind provides you with access to:
Sola Adesakin’s Mastermind Is A Must-Join For You If:

Success Stories

We do this because we believe that everyone deserves to be a part of this small, close-knit community of dedicated wealth builders and be transformed from the inside out.

And for a limited time only…

You can secure a spot at the table of 30, so you can fuel your financial journey for explosive success.

Remember, this offer is going out to many people around the world, and there are VERY LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE.

Come and be a part of wealth creation history in a season where everyone is complaining about the economy.

Don’t get left behind!

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