I lead people on a transformational journey into wealth and abundance, through the make-manage-multiply money message.

Through several published books, communities, courses, conferences, wealth creation, and financial literacy tools, that have helped individuals and businesses across many countries build wealth, I desire to raise an army of wealthy people at different professional levels and in all age brackets.

I bring people into the awareness of the exponential abundance God has ordained for us; and I believe that everyone is equipped with the talents with which they can live an abundantly fulfilling life.

The Platforms I Lead...

You Can Live A Full and Abundant Life....

Equipper And Nurturer

Using my talents and through the various expressions of my giftings, I run with a Divine Mandate to be KIND (ER)...

K: Keeper
I: Influencer
N: Nurturer
D: Distributor
E: Executioner
R: Revolutionary

I am committed to raising an army of people from from diverse nations who are:

Stewardship Oriented
Surplus Oriented
Success Driven
Spiritually Attuned
Savvy With Resources


Taking you on a transformational journey from growing to glowing and into glowing to GOLD; a life of impact and influence. Here is a good reminder that the only way to reach your goals is to start somehow...Just start!

Wealth Creation

Leading people to attain financial freedom and transgenerational wealth through individual coaching platforms and through communities. Wealth building is not a sprint, it's a marathon and there are steps you need to take on your journey to financial freedom.

Learning Academy

Providing various learning opportunities for talent and resource management and for achieving financial success.

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Some Of Sola's Quotes

There Is More....

When fear or dissatisfaction tugs at your heart, it’s an indication there is something bigger within and ahead. That feeling is a call to be courageous. Please don’t be fixated on your inadequacies or what isn’t working. There is MORE

Living A Full Life

It’s up to you to decide the direction your life will take.
Gratitude will take you to a higher altitude. In all things, give thanks. Attitude will determine the magnitude of your accomplishments and your aptitude will give you a considerate latitude. You don’t have to do it the way of the multitude.

Understanding The Pathways To Success

Sometimes, the answers to your questions or keys to your next levels may come as Personal Convictions and some other times, they are external; from Conversations, Confirmations, Consultations or even Collaborations. Be flexible enough seek for answers and sensitive enough to receiving them.

Getting Your Money Priorities Right

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can help you achieve happiness. Spend on things that reflect your values , things that solve your problems( necessities), spend to secure the future( on investments), on worthwhile experiences, on the needy and these things will most likely bring Happiness.

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