Personal Financial Mastery Coaching For Executives (3 Months) $2,200

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Financial Mastery Coaching For Executives – A 3 Month Intense Journey With Sola Adesakin (FCA FCCA CPA MBA)

One-on-One Coaching

Zoom Meetings

Customised Investment Worksheet

Private Investments Opportunities

According to Stephen Covey, Accountability breeds response-ability.
This is not for everyone, but for those who are really ready to take their journey to financial freedom a notch higher; those who would like to work towards and experience a change in their finances . Those who would love to:

Get their finances in order

Pay off debts

Grow wealth

Learn how to increase their income base.

Design their Financial Plan

Get Advise on Business Financial Planning

If you sign up for this program, you will have access to a few amongst many other things listed below:

  1. A customized Personal Financial Planning template
  2. Design Your Financial Plan covering all 6 elements
  3. Access to an online platform where you can download personal financial resources.
  4. Once a month Telephone/ Video call or Physical meeting with me( for a total of 3months – 12 weeks)
  5. Practical sessions on how you can make, manage and multiply your money and resources
  6. Portfolio Management Planning

Don’t just work for money; Learn how to make your money work for you. Grow wealth!

Satisfied with your current Earnings? Learn how to diversify, make more money and monetize your skills.

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How Can Sola Help You?

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More About Sola...Get To Know Your Financial Coach...

Sola Adesakin
Lead Coach and Founder, Smart Stewards

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What's The Drive Behind Sola's Passion to Help You?

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“In my 20s, Money was an occasional visitor. 

And each time it came around, we always fought…
I had gotten 2 first degrees, 2 professional certifications, and had started traveling the world. I had no mentor per-se and no clue whatsoever about money management.
In my early 30s, our relationship was slightly improved, but we still spoke different languages.
I added a couple of professional qualifications, became more aware of the importance of mentoring and embraced it, received some very hard knocks of life, embraced financial literacy by force, started to practice it, and committed to helping others.
In my late 30s, Money built a permanent abode in my life, and our language has always been in sync since then. Money became my live-in-“servant”, and a tool for fulfilling purpose. 
In my 40s, it’s about raising the bar higher, rinsing,  repeating, and helping others navigate the path of Impact, Influence, and Income.

There’s a blueprint that guarantees a life of unending wealth creation and multiplication. 

Let me help you succeed with your finances… ” –SA

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Success Stories

"I worked with Coachie (Sola Adesakin ) as I fondly like to call her for a period of of 1 year, and not only did she help me revolutionize my business finance, she changed my money mindset. I now have a better relationship with my money and do not have palpitations about the future!"
Titilope O
Stylist/ Make Up Expert, Lagos
I hit the 7 figure savings target within 9 months of working with Sola.
That enough makes me glad for an entire decade and more!
Thank you Sola
Momore B.
Human Resources Manager, Lagos
"I live outside of Nigeria and I have received one of the best coaching experiences working with Sola Adesakin. Not only have I become better with my finances, I have been able to open up multiple streams of income.
Gabriel O
IT Expert, United Kingdom

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