CRUISE THROUGH 2022 On A Strong Financial Note

Sola Adesakin's Mastermind (SAM) Group

Yearly Group Coaching For A Selected Few Of 30 …

Do You Want To Have An Early Head-Start In 2022, Work With A Dynamic Coach Within A Group Setting , Set Your Money Goals, And Cruise Through The Year On A Great Financial Note?

SINCE INCEPTION, Sola Adesakin, Through Smart Stewards, Has Helped Thousands Of People, Jumpstart Their Journey To Financial Freedom, And She Coached Selected Few Within A Mastermind Group.

If you need handholding all year round with achieving your financial goals, you should get into Sola Adesakin’s Mastermind Group.

First of All,

You will have FULL access to Smart Steward’s 4-Level Pathway To Financial Freedom Plan; a well curated array of courses and proven methodologies, that will take you through a systematic path of financial literacy and opportunities, capable of enhancing your financial well-being and prosperity.

And You Will Get A VIP Access Into the SAM Group.

Do you want to be among the Individuals who would master how to Make, Manage & Multiply Money in 2022?

The VIP Pass/ Mastermind Gives You Access To:

  • Free eBooks
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Access To Financial Webinars
  • Partner Discounts For Selected Services
  • Private Investments
  • The Smart Investment Club
  • The Smart Stewards Junior Club For Your Children
  • Sola Adesakin’s Mastermind Group
  • Regular Goal Setting & Review Sessions (Physical & Virtual)
  • Access to International Financial Experts
  • Quarterly Finance Bootcamp
  • Real time International Investment Opportunities
  • One-on-One Session with Financial Coaches
  • And More...

All year group Coaching: You get to interact and start to create wealth.

Learn How Sola Invests and manage her portfolio and start to take a cue.

Monthly reviews, quarterly group coaching calls, and at least twice a year one-on-one coaching calls to help navigate your financial journey.

Personal Investments curated only for the SAM Group. You will leverage Sola Adesakin’s Coaching squad for financial deep-dives. 

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The Mastermind Group Will  Help You Navigate Your Year WIth The Right Support , Tools and Tribe…

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What's The Drive Behind Sola's Passion to Help You?

"In my 20s, Money was an occasional visitor. 

And each time it came around, we always fought...
I had gotten 2 first degrees, 2 professional certifications, and had started traveling the world. I had no mentor per-se and no clue whatsoever about money management.
In my early 30s, our relationship was slightly improved, but we still spoke different languages.
I added a couple of professional qualifications, became more aware of the importance of mentoring and embraced it, received some very hard knocks of life, embraced financial literacy by force, started to practice it, and committed to helping others.
In my late 30s, Money built a permanent abode in my life, and our language has always been in sync since then. Money became my live-in-“servant”, and a tool for fulfilling purpose. 
In my 40s, it’s about raising the bar higher, rinsing,  repeating, and helping others navigate the path of Impact, Influence, and Income.

There’s a blueprint that guarantees a life of unending wealth creation and multiplication. 

Let me help you succeed with your finances... " -SA

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Sola Adesakin's Mastermind Is A Must-Join For You If:

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Now, What Is Your Investment?…

It costs $1,000 per annum to be part of Sola Adesakin's Mastermind Group.

Success Stories

I joined The Sola Adesakin's Mastermind about a year ago, and it has been beneficial to me in diverse ways (finance, capacity building, relationship building, Investment portfolio building etc.) I have enjoyed the tribe power in the mastermind community. I have acquired certifications that align with my life purpose. I have been able to design a budget and follow through by being accountable regularly. I have built a diversified portfolio and ventured into new areas of investment that would ordinarily not come naturally to me. I have a global investment portfolio, and I am currently processing a registered business in the US. The learning platform is vibrant, and there is a dossier of knowledge to glean from. During the group training, we have been repeatedly taught to apply information/knowledge rightly. I have become more IT savvy and can manoeuvre through online Apps. I have Keyed into various opportunities to build sustainable wealth. My risk appetite has improved tremendously. I have also enjoyed the collaboration of the group and forging new relationships. Indeed I am building a lasting Legacy.
Naomi Osegha-Ebose
Banker/ Coach
I am a member of the Sola Adesakin's Mastermind group. The group is a repository of knowledge and there is the deliberate and intentional focus of ensuring all members get the utmost benefit from the group. I have gained more knowledge in the areas which hitherto have been hazy to me ie the cryptocurrency space. Though I've always been a bit aggressive in my risk profile, but being a member of the mastermind has emboldened me the more and I tend to see the beautiful end of any venture now rather than the fears that stare at the beginning. Like the labourers being the first partaker of the fruits, those of us in the Mastermind have the advantage of being the first partaker of all that is available with coach Sola Adesakin. I will not trade this group for any other.
Folashade Kola-Eke
Treasury manager

Do You Want To Start And Finish 2022 On A Strong Note, And Smash Your Financial Goals?

Payment Options

Full Payment
VIP Pass ($1000- One Year Full Access )

2- Time Payment Plan
VIP Pass ($1000- One Year Full Access )


Fireside Conversations, Question and Answers, Private Investments, Group Coaching and Individual Coaching Calls

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More Success Stories

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I am a proud member of the SIC mastermind community. A community dedicated to ensuring you identify your purpose, focus on it and BE want you want to be. I have achieved great wealth of knowledge in all areas of my life (financial stability, clarity of purpose, productivity and great collaboration) I have been taught the POWER of service, Godliness, positivity and networking. Coach Sola Adesakin is selfless and extremely knowledgeable. I have become and still becoming a GLOBAL investor and citizen despite being a NIGERIAN. Being a member of the mastermind has given me a Great positivity mindset which has rubbed off on my children and the people in my circle of influence. This is my community and I am proud to be a member. Pleased Morenike Ogunwolu.
Morenike Ogunwolu
We knew how to earn money and knew how to spend money but when it came to financial planning we were novices. After joining the SIC mastermind tribe,we took on the recommendations and here we are 12 months on,we are extremely pleased with the decision we made.
Mr and Mrs J.
"We were initially skeptical about joining the mastermind tribe simply because of the mode of payment…USD but we gave it a shot and can honestly say we earn in USD frequently and steadily now…the ceiling was shattered/destroyed completely.
Business Owner

Because we believe everybody deserves to be within this small, close knitted community of committed wealth builders, and be transformed inside out.

And for a limited time only…

You can secure a spot for the at the table of 30, so you can fuel your financial journey for explosive success.

Remember, this offer is going out to many people around the world, and there are VERY LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE.

Come and be a part of wealth creation history in a season where everyone is complaining about the economy.

Don't get left behind!

Full Payment
VIP Pass ($1000- One Year Full Access )

Two-Time Payment
VIP Pass ($1000- One Year Full Access )


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